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2019 Hunting Schedule 

Elk, Mule Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion, Moose in Units 40, 41, 42, 421, 31 & 32. S24 Big Horn Sheep, Turkey, Geese & More

Archery: Aug. 31st - Sept. 29th

 Muzzleloading: - Sept. - 14th-22nd
First Rifle (Elk Only): Oct. 12th - Oct. 16th
Second Rifle (First Combined): (First Combined Elk & Deer) Oct. 19th-27th
Third Rifle (Second Combined): (Second Combined Elk & Deer) Nov. 2nd-10th
Fourth Rifle (Limited Combination): (Limited Combination) Nov. 13th-17th

Hunters born on or after Jan. 1, 1949, must have completed an approved hunter education course or bow hunter education course (for archery license only) sanctioned by a state or province before applying for or purchasing a license. Colorado honors hunter education courses from other states and provinces. You must present an original hunter safety card when buying a license. You must carry your hunter education card when hunting unless "Verified" is printed by the DOW on your license.  
We are licensed ( Lic.#2656), bonded, and insured. All of our guides are certified in CPR and First Aid.